Bulk Aseptic, Industrial Processing and Packaging

Aseptic Packaging is a process that involves sterilizing the packaging and the food product separately, and then filling and sealing the containers in a sterile environment.

Sterilization is done by using a flash-heating process (temperature between 195° and 295°F (91° to 146°C)). This process helps to retain nutrients and also uses less energy than other sterilization methods such as retort or hot-fill canning. Aseptic food preservation methods allow processed food to keep for long periods of time without preservatives, provided that they are not opened.

Stapleton’s Contract Aseptic Co-Packing Services

Packaging Options
  • Bulk Aseptic Products
  • Industrial Packaging
Container Options
  • 5 Gallon Aseptic Bag-in-Box, 55 Gallon Aseptic Drums,  250 Gallon Square Tote
Product Examples
  • Aseptic Sauce Packaging, Concentrates, Purees, Tomato Based Products, Baking Products
Minimum Contract Volume
  • 5,000 Gallons
Production Location:
  • Production is conveniently done at our nut-free plant in Gridley, CA. Our central California location helps reduce shipping costs for raw materials and finished goods.

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